Stroke Happens Now Available

7 Nov

I am pleased to announce that Stroke Happens: A Caretaker’s Memoir, is now available on Amazon in electronic and paperback forms. Here is a link to the latter:

Please share with anyone you think would benefit from reading. Here is the book description:

“When he was 56 years old, my husband, Chuck, suffered a massive stroke that nearly killed him. Literally, overnight, our life changed. After almost losing his life, Chuck lost his speech and the use of his right arm and underwent months of hospitalization, rehab and therapy. Stroke Happens tells the story of his arduous journey toward recovery and my transformation from wife to caretaker. It’s a story of hope, despair, acceptance, and love; but most of all, survival.”

And the author photo:

Chuck and Laura.jpg

While I would rather it have been published by a press, I just could not break in. Oh well, maybe someone will discover me? It’s a pretty thought, anyway.

If you read it, feel free to send me your thoughts on it. And many thanks if you do either.




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